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Danglers Nation Holland, DN Dutch team

The Uks Number 1 Carp Angling Community

Netherlands Team

Jorg Van Hellemond

I started fishing around 20 years ago, first at the local reservoirs but now on big Dutch and foreign channels.

Marijn Ham

So, Marijn ham here, age 34. Father of 2 children (7 and 5) and passionate carp fisherman for many years. Like Ramon said earlier I write for the Karper magazine which I really like to do.

Ramon Visser

Dear fellow Danglers my name is Ramon vd Berg. I am a dutch guy who fish on carp literally all my live.

Dani Houwerzijl

I was born with a rod in my hand, my father was an avid carp angler and always took me with him. I got my first fishing rod when I was 5,

Leonard Nieuwkoop

I like to fish on large public waters, rivers or channels and there lies the challenge for me, to find and catch the fish.

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