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Ramon Visser -

Ramon Visser

Name: Ramon Visser
Age: 3310928071_10155166475895425_462098842_n
From: Netherlands
UK/International PBs: 26.5kg
Favourite Venue: 
Favourite Tactics/Rig: Blowback rig

Short Bio: 

Dear fellow Danglers my name is Ramon vd Berg. I am a dutch guy who fish on carp literally all my live. I whas born in it. my mom an dad where really die hards back in the 80s and 90s. my mother whas probely the first woman in the scene. My goals an aims are helping others getting there goals while I geting mines I also involved in a blog of a good friend who I know a long time svenscarpsolutions For any questions or suggestions get to me and il always try to answer

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