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During the past 30 years, I have encountered a vast amount of different circumstances and situations. Each lake oreven swim has a completely different layout and my approach usually changes accordingly. If you asked me one method that can be used to help unlock a lake then it must be baiting. Baiting is by far the most complex part of my fishing, whether I put 50 baits in or 1000 can be the difference between a successful session or a blank. The main aim when using lots of bait, is to encourage the fish to eat your bait as a regular food source. To do this properly you need to be able to get your bait at a decent price and that is why we at Urban baits are selling direct to the angler without a middle man. This we hope, will maintain the baiting philosophy my friends and I have used over the past four decades to great effect.

Terry Dempsey, Urban Baits Owner & Carp fanatic



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