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Carla Louise Holbrough -

The Uks Number 1 Carp Angling Community

Carla Louise Holbrough

Name: Carla Louise Holbrough
Age: 36
From: Essex, UK
UK/International PBs: 22.08lbs
Favourite Venue: Priory Park
Favourite Tactics/Rig: Zig rig fishing

Short Bio:
So I’m a keen female angler. My interest sparked from a day years ago, float fishing with an ex partner who wanted to teach his daughter how to fish. I took a book to read (still haven’t read it!). In a matter of minutes I was sat like a gnome at the edge of the lake in anticipation of the next bite and did not want to leave. My daughter on the other hand was on her head in the back of the shelter ‘I’m boreeeed’ haha!.

After this and seeing the larger fish caught out the waters, I was keen to get out again and learn how to Carp fish. Not having a clue, I tagged along with a few different people watched, learned, read, borrowed and a kind hearted baliff helped me gather some second hand bits together so I could fish when I wanted.

I now have a fair bit considering I’m not the richest angler on the bank, nor the biggest! a mere 5ft haha!. I am on the bank as much as possible, at least once or twice a week locally. Slowly venturing out recently to lakes further afield.
It’s become a massive part of my life and a huge passion!

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