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Joe Parry -

The Uks Number 1 Carp Angling Community

Joe Parry

Name: Joe Parry
Age: 19
From: Rainham, UK
UK/International PBs: UK 46lb
Favourite Venue: Walthamstow Res
Favourite Tactics/Rig: semi stiff hinge

Short Bio:
I have lived in Rainham my whole life. I started fishing when I was 4 years old at a place called Wylands Farm and caught my first ever carp at 2 pound and my dad was the first person to get me into fishing. When I was 14 I went fishing with my uncle who works for Korda and he’s the one who inspired into carp fishing since then I’ve been hooked. I was 15 when I had my first 20 and when I turned 18 I caught my first 40 pound English fish which I was over the moon with. I work in the week doing spraying. I spray containers and fish most weekends. Once I start driving there’ll be loads more fishing to do – crafty over nights before work!

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